The object

The Baltic Sea Anomaly is found by Peter Lindberg and Dennis Åsberg of the Ocean X Team. They found in June 2011 on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It is at a depth of 85  to 90 meters. The object is about as big as a Boeing 747 (see photo). The object also left a trace of around 300 meters. (see the photo below). As Yoda would say: looking like the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars, the object does!

Sonar images

You can see the orignal sonar scans of the Baltic Sea Anomaly at the left. As you can see it are 2 objects. (which probably was 1 object before). However, more is being talked about the first anomaly. We are going to focus us on to this object.


Suspicions of the appearance of the object.

Animated images

Location of the object