These are the first original sonar photo's of the object. You can see on the first image the track which it left. And as you can see on the last image, they found 2 objects.

Above you will see the suspicions of the appearance of the object. There are still discussions about this. For example, it has a spherical edge or a straight edge. And for example, whether it's 1 ship or 2 ships together with the other object.

On the left you will see a picture of '' The Baltic Sea Anomaly '' and on the right a picture of a spacecraft from the famous Star Wars movies, namely '' The Millennium Falcon ''.

Of course, they look very similar to each other! Does that mean anything?

Above you will see animation images of the object. These images can also be seen in our YouTube video, which can be found on the Home page.

Here you will see two computer-generated images of the object.

When you look good, you see that there is a human being that is the relationship between the object and the human being.

Here they tried to make a scale model of the object.

These are suspicions of what the object might look like before it came to the sea.

Above you see the sea where in 2011 the 'Baltic Sea Anomaly' 'was found by Ocean X Team using sonar equipment.

Some information about the object.