Our ideas / plans

The beginning

First, we want to advertise our webiste to become more known to other people. We want to advertise our webiste by searching for sponsors (contacting other sites/company's to collaborate). We are also trying to advertise threw TV (currently only in The Netherlands). We want to make flyers and posters and bring them around in our neighborhood and later in other city's or country's. This is where the idea of searching for sponsors comes back, because we can put advertisement on the flyers and poster for the company.


Our plan

Because it's not clear if we can get the object out of the sea, first we want to rent a ship and make better photo's/sonar images. If we succeed in that we can research this to come after certain things such as: what is it?, how did it came there?, is it alien? and so on. We also want to dive to the object to make better photo's (if this is possible). If it is possible, of course we will rent some professionals so that it will go well!



We made an introduction video about the object and we have putted it on YouTube. You can find this at the Home page, or you can click on the YouTube logo below. If we succeed in going to Sweden, our plan is to film everything and put it on YouTube so everyone can follow the process.


What if we can get it out of the sea?

When we find out that it is possible to get the object out of the sea, and transport it to the mainland, our plan is to put it in a big storage area somewhere in Sweden. If we got it out of the sea, we can do very good research. Probably if we succeed in it, and it is alien, we are going to ask NASA (or another company) for help because they are a lot more professional in it.