Our Ideas / Plans

To our mind, Ocean X Team does not go any further because they have not done anything for a few years and / or have no information about it. But we were still very interested in it and found the sin to do nothing about it, so we were pleased to keep going. This is going to cost a lot of money and we can not of course do that alone. That's why we started this website where you can donate for our plan. Our plans are to make a lot of advertising at the beginning (now) for the website to become more familiar, allowing us to attract more people to our project. We want to advertise our site, for example by sponsoring search (contacting other sites / companies for example, a collaboration). We are also trying to advertise through TV shows. We also want to fly / hang up flyers and posters in our area and if it works properly, we may also go to other cities. Here again, our idea of sponsors comes back because we can advertise on the flyers and poster for a company.


We made an introduction to YouTube on our website and the item on YouTube. These can be found on the Home page. If we eventually go to Sweden, we plan to capture everything and put it on YouTube so everyone knows how it goes. As it is not clear whether we can get the object out of the sea, we plan to rent a ship and then make better, clearer sonar images. If we have these, we can do research here to get back on certain things like: what it's like, how did it get there, it's alien, getting out of the sea, and so on. Our plan is also to dive into the object to make better research and to make clear pictures. And finally, if it is possible to get it out of the sea. Since the object is huge, it is very difficult to take it easy out of the sea and take it along. Here we should have a huge ship and then it will still be a huge challenge.

What if it's out of the sea?

When it is possible to get the Baltic Sea Anomaly out of the sea and to transport it to the coast, we plan to store the object in a large storage space somewhere in Sweden. If we have taken the object out of the sea and are in the storage room, we can do more research than if it were in the sea. Afterwards (or if we have just reached the sea), we will try to sell the item to, for example, the NASA. They (or other interested) can then do better and more research!