Information about object (Baltic Sea Anomaly)

The Baltic Sea Anomaly was found by Peter Lindberg and Dennis Åsberg of the "Ocean X Team" in June of 2011 at the bottom of the Baltic Sea at Sweden at a depth between 85-90 meters. The object is about as big as a Boeing 747 (see photo). It also left a track of about 300 meters (see photo). The object looks very similar to the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. It is said that it is a UFO that has been crashed before humanity. People think it's a UFO because it is made of a kind of metal that can never be made by man and interferes with a camera when it comes close to the object.

Why should you believe it's alien?

Although it are suspicions, it's a big chance that it's a UFO. If everything that the Ocean X Team has said is true, there is definitely a chance that it's a UFO. This is because they say it's metal and that it's so old that it's still from out of humanity. They also said that the camera was disturbing and all other electrical devices were acting weird.