How to help / donate

How to help?

You can help us in many ways. Of course you can donate, but you can also try to raise funds in your neighborhood. You can also come with creative ideas yourself! You can also share us on social media. For companies it is also possible to sponsor us. More about this in "Sponsors as a company."

What amount is needed for our plan?

We're not sure how much everything will cost. But we can say it will be a lot of money. We will keep you informed!

And what if the plan does not succeed?

If it fails we will donate all the money we have collected to the Ocean X team, they have actually found the item and can then use this money for it. But we only do that if we are sure they are going to use it for the Baltic Sea Anomaly.

What happens with the money you donate?

All the money you donate, goes directly to our bank account. We won't ever use any money for private reasons!

How to donate?

If you want to donate with PayPal, Mastercard, Visa card and more, you can click in this:

When these payment options are not available to you, you can transfer the money to the following ING account:

NL13 INGB 0754 4932 37


(We don't prefer the bank account)