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         What you can do

To make our plan come true (to read the whole plan, you can go HERE), we need money. You can help us with this. Of course you can do this to donate at THIS page. But you can also help us in other ways. For example, you can collect some money and donate it to us. Be creative!


You can also help us in a way that doesn't have anything to do with money. It also will take just a few minutes. You can follow, like and share us on social media so more people will get to know about this project! You can do this by sending you website to all of your friends and family. All our social media can be found HERE.



If you have any ideas for this website and project, you can contact us! 




If company's wants to help us, are there a few options. You can sponsor us with for example, advertisement or money. So we can advertise your company on our site. If you are interested we can negotiate for a good agreement. More information can be found HERE.