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To be able to make our plan known (which you can read extensively on THIS page) we need money. Of course you can do this by donating an amount yourself. This can be done on THIS page. You can also help us in other ways. For example, by collecting money and donating that amount. You can also help us on a road that has nothing to do with money and will take a few minutes. You can follow, resemble and share with us on social media so that we become more familiar and attract more people to our project! You can do this by sending our website to all your friends! All our social media can be found HERE

There are also options for companies who want to do something. You can sponsor us in return for advertising on this website and / or elsewhere. More information for if you want to sponsor as a company, you can find HERE. You can also get advertised on this website in return for the promotion of your website. More information about this can be found HERE.