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Baltic Sea UFO

As you most likely saw, we are working on the Baltic Sea Anomaly (Baltic Sea object). It is presumably a UFO crashed in the Baltic Sea. More about the Baltic Sea Anomaly can be found at: Information about the object.


We plan to do research here and if it is possible to get the Baltic Sea Anomaly out of the sea. If we can do good research here, this can be very good about science. More about this: Our ideas / plans.


Of course we can not do this alone. This is a huge amount of costs and we need your help. How to donate or help in a different way, you can look at the pages: Help us and How to donate. As a company, you can also sponsor us. You can look at: Sponsoring as a company.


In addition to these topics, there is much more to see on this site, such as photos or how to reach us. Have fun!



We are the '' Baltic Sea Anomaly '' looking for a number of things to make our plan true and we need your help with that.

Here's a small overview of what we are looking for:

  • We are looking for people who want to donate money or/and buy merchandise.
  • We are looking for companies that want to sponsor us.
  • We are looking for websites that want to advertise to us.

If you are interested in any of the above things or know something, please contact us as soon as possible!